For over 40 years, Thermocarbon has worked in partnership with its customers to accomplish an endless variety of dicing-related goals and solve many road-blocks. We strive to make our customer’s dicing process the most efficient and cost effective as possible by providing a broad-based technical program that includes

Customer Service

This strong commitment to customer service has positioned Thermocarbon to effectively deal with all aspects of the dicing process, allowing us to accumulate a vast amount of experience related to the blade and dicing application. It is this experience, along with a superior attitude and expertise that is built into the foundation of all our products and services. Thermocarbon guarantees to optimize your dicing and cutting systems prior to any purchase. This type of guarantee can only come from a company that:

Research and Development

Our tremendous experience and dedication to a continuous research and development effort uniquely qualifies us to service all of your dicing and cutting requirements. It is an exact and complicated technology, which is why it is important to deal with the industry leader. We also realize that not all problems can be solved with standard products; therefore we provide customized solutions. We are committed to providing punctual delivery, usually within 24 hours if you have an emergency!

State of the Art Dicing Blades

Our product line, which includes Dicemaster® and Blademaster® diamond dicing blades, the Tcar 864-1 dicing saw, along with a full line of supportive products, continue to be preferred world-wide because of their:

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is another distinction of industry leadership. Companies have continued to prefer Thermocarbon over the years because of our strong customer-service convictions and quality dicing blade products.