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  • "So often in business I seem to make a call and end up talking to a machine or someone who knows (or cares) virtually nothing about the concerns I have. Thermocarbon was a real breath of fresh air!" D. Schroeder-Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technologies
  • "I commend your company for hiring such expert people to service your products and customers. All my dicing needs will be obtained through Thermocarbon from now on!" M. Ascerno-Sr Lab Technician of MMC
  • "It isnt often that a vendor will volunteer to come in at no charge and make suggestions to improve an operation, especially when the improvements will drastically reduce the sale of his product" H.T Malafi-Hail Division Cutler-Hammer

Dicemaster® Dicing blades / Diamond wheels

Thermocarbon’s continuous research and development on hubless dicing-blade compositions allows Thermocarbon to consistently produce high quality saw blades for cutting QFN, MLF, MLPD, VQFN, PPF, DFN, BGA, ceramics such as alumina oxide, alumina nitride, LTCC, HTCC; crystals such as sapphire, lithium niobate, lithium tantalate; other hard and brittle materials such as glass, fused silica, quartz, silicon wafers, garnet, copper, mold compound, and epoxy.

Dicing Blades
  • Cut with closer tolerances than any other blade on the market!
  • Chip less
  • Self-Sharpening
  • Consistent Reliability
  • Run Cooler
  • Last Longer
  • Cost effective alternative for metal blade applications


While most end users will take considerable steps in assuring the rigidity of the machine they purchase, they may overlook the critical mounting requirements, such as the flanges and spacers, necessary for the diamond blade. No matter how well the diamond blade was manufactured to run true, it can only run as accurately as the surfaces it comes into contact with. The bearing surfaces of the flanges or spacers must be flat, clean, and parallel. Thermocarbon offers a wide range of standard blade flanges and spacers to fit all dicing saws and conventional sawing equipment. Our flanges and spacers conform to exacting specifications to ensure that you get the highest performance from your diamond blades.

Flanges for dicing blades
  • All stock flanges still allow for a choice for custom O.D. Exposure.
  • Materials such as titanium, stainless steel, hard anodize aluminum with assorted colors.
  • Completly custom non-stock flanges built to order/specification and will be designed in house.
  • Uncomparible parralelism to ensure you will not need to counter- balance flanges with holes.


Send us the material you want to cut and we will identify the best dicing blades for the application, we have a complete dicing saw room and top tier cleanroom at our labs.

  • Will dice your sample material and find the best Dicing Blade.
  • Detailed reports on different blades showing life vs quality
  • feeds and speeds
  • return the material and reports with samples blades
  • Will assist in fixing any hardware issues like flanges and coolant


We can be reached directly 8:30 to 5:00 eastern at 1-800-523-1946(TOLL FREE) or 407-834-7800(LOCAL)